6 Ways To Have Fun Without Emptying Your Pockets

Some people deprive themselves of having fun to maintain a frugal lifestyle. In extreme cases, some even refuse to go out just to force themselves not to spend money. But don’t confuse being lazy with being thrifty. They are very different things and saving money is often just an excuse not to go out.

You can actually have a lot of fun by spending next to nothing. Here are just some ideas.

Board games and card games

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Remember the days when you could not get enough of rolling the dice to move your figurine on the board game? Those were the days isn’t it?

There is no law that says you cannot go back to them when you are an adult. In fact, the chances are that you friends will enjoy playing it as much as you. Few things are more fun than a bunch of friends gathered around a board trash talking each other for a fantasy board game. There’s just something here that creates a social dynamic that you won’t get anywhere else.

The chances are that you do have a couple of games stashed in your attic. Flush them out and invite your friends and family to play. You could go for hours without even realizing it.

Find a new hobby

I never thought I’d enjoy beach volleyball until I tried it. No. Actually, I knew that it would be fun. The problem is that many of us are too self-conscious to try new stuff. Afraid of others observing us and exposing us that we are rookies. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Everybody starts somewhere.

Think about the hobbies you’ve always wanted to take up but never found the time to do so. Get some friends together and go do it. The best hobbies are those that require you to exercise as well. You can then get the best of both worlds by keeping an active body while having fun at the same time.

Pick up yoga, kick a ball around in the yard, learn how to build your own website, or go explore your own neighborhood. Spending a hundred dollars at the club is not the only way to have fun.

Digital media

The world of media has changed drastically in the last 15 years. We used to be too lazy to read even when we were very interested in a particular topic. These days, you can find videos, audio clips, and interactive media to make learning fun.

There is an infinite amount of knowledge and information available for anyone interested in the library. And you no longer have to give your eyes the boring job of moving line by line in an old story book.

If you like self-help, you are going to enjoy the amount of quality material that you can devour from just listening to audio tracks.

Sign up for classes

There are very inexpensive classes available in community clubs. They are taught by passionate people who care about students. You get to meet new people who have the same interest as you, and you get to pick up new skills that can be invaluable.

Classes are very good in that they provide students a hands-on experience in learning whatever that are trying to learn. For example, having a teacher in person teach you flower arrangement is infinitely better than watching it on video.

You might even meet passionate people to partner with in a small business venture.


Exercise is probably the cheapest form of fun you can have. After each session, you get to sleep better as well. The reason why most people find it boring even though they know they need to exercise more for health matters, is that they have no companion to do it with.

Well, if you know that’s the problem, go solve it by sounding out your friends to join you. The odds are that you have friends who know they need to exercise more as well. And they could also be waiting to find a companion to work out with.

Just go make those calls and find someone to join you. Before you know it, you build a closer relationship with your friends, get fitter, and have fun killing time. More people could then join you when they realize how much fun you are having. It could actually become a whole weekly social event. That sure beats tapping on likes and shares on social media.

Watch re-runs

Surely you have a list of movies or drama series which have left a strong impression on you over the years. You might even have copies of them in your garage. It’s time to put those things to good use.

Go to the local video store and rent your favorite movies from the past. Many movies are even more entertaining when you watch them the second or third time. You get to really grasp what was going on and drool over your favorite actors.

Classic sitcoms also never seem to go out of fashion. In the past, you need to wait a whole week just to watch an episode. These days, you can just go through a whole season like a machine. No more suspense and mystery.

It’s within your power to have fun or not

It is your mindset that is preventing you from going out to have fun. Don’t use frugality as an excuse to stay at home. You are not just lying to your friends and family, you are lying to yourself as well. A healthy mind is the start of a healthy lifestyle. Enjoyment does wonders to out mental health. So don’t deprive yourself from it.

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