7 Ways Hiring Virtual Assistants Can Get You A Promotion


Although virtual assistants (VA) have been around for years, the industry is still in it’s infancy…

If you operate a business, and you realize that many of the job tasks you are currently spending thousands of dollars each month on manpower can be done at a fraction of the costs by virtual assistants with no detrimental impact on quality, there is a decision you can make which actually has a right answer.

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The decision becomes even more of a no-brainer when you factor in the resources you have to commit to hiring full-time staff.

This include:

  • time and money to conduct training
  • possibility of hiring a lemon
  • potential effect on existing company culture
  • benefits for full-time employee

This pragmatism is the reason why the industry is primed to grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come.

Well the good news is that you don’t need to be a business owner or run a home based business to hire VAs to help you. Everyone and anyone can hire one immediately to make their personal and career life that much more easier.

And these are how virtual assistants can play a prominent role in helping you get a promotion.

1) Design presentation slide shows


No longer will you have to be ridiculed on your amateurish Powerpoint presentations.

VAs are well trained in creating professional looking presentation slides that you’d wonder why they aren’t making a living in arts.

You manager, and you clients, will be impressed with how much effort you put into the props. They might even start coming to you whenever they need to prepare their own material.

You can expect a good VA to have the Powerpoint skills to:

  • make design changes
  • time actions properly and on cue
  • add animation if you truly want to make an impression
  • find royalty-free stock images to use
  • provide honest and brutal feedback on the content of your slides

Even if you use a corporate template design, you can still task you assistant to fill up the details while your enjoy an extra night out at the bar.

2) Prospecting to acquire new customers


If you are in a sales job, one of the most cumbersome aspect of the job is in the area of prospecting.

This is where VAs can play a huge role in meeting your sales quotas each month.

In fact, the secret weapon behind the outstanding salesperson of the year sitting at the cubicle adjacent to yours could be… a virtual assistant.

Some VAs can be trained specialists in conducting sales and marketing activities remotely.

Among other skills, you can expect them to have:

  • telemarketing know-how to make cold calls
  • conversational skills to follow-up with new leads
  • selling skills to up-sell to existing clientele
  • copywriting skills to write prospecting emails
  • ensuring the delivery of sales quotations and proposals
  • design skills to craft out marketing material with good response rates
  • generate a list of prospects meeting your requirements
  • be your remote receptionist to attend to call-in inquiries

If you are sharing VAs among a team, you can also arrange them to act as virtual receptionists to forward calls to the designated person within the team.

Your boss will be wondering how efficient you must be when he only sees you gossiping around the office all the time.

It would be even better if you can provide a sales script to your virtual staff. But if you are unable to, you can leave the writing of a script to them.

However, depending on what you are selling, you might want to reserve the closing of a sale as a task to do yourself.

3) Keep track of your schedule


It’s a wonder why in this modern digital age, managers still delegate the tasks of reminders and meeting scheduling to their secretaries and personal assistants.

You can easily do that with an app on your smart phone.

In reality, many managers will love to have someone to do these “complex” activities for them. BUT not everyone has a secretary to take charge of it.

If you are one of those managers, you can now hire a virtual secretary to manage your schedules.

And if you are really comfortable with the VA you are working with, you might even get her to arrange your travel arrangements on a budget.

Just please practice good judgment on what is and what is not appropriate for the eyes of third parties.

4) Build and manage websites


It is as good as a given that your assistant will have basic coding knowledge in HTML, CSS, and PHP.

Don’t know what those abbreviations mean? That’s why you need to hire a virtual assistant.

These skills are not redundant even when you are not in charge of the company website. You can use these VA skill at your disposal to create mini-sites for lead generation.

Even so, you don’t have the skills to drive traffic to the websites?

Don’t worry, just instruct your assistant to do it. If you indeed go with this arrangement, remember to be as specific as possible about what you want when describing to your VA.

A lot of businesses also tend to outsource their social media management requirements to VAs.

5) Writing and proofreading


In a huge organization, a lot of people who you never meet form an impression of you by how you write your emails. And these people could play critical roles in your appraisal for promotion.

You might not be strong in language. You might not be well-versed in formal writing. Heck, you might not even be a good communicator via emailing.

You can leave these little annoying details to your right hand man.

Virtual assistants MUST have good writing skills. You probably can’t expect them to be able to creatively write up a best selling fiction novel.

BUT you can expect them to have the writing skills to pump out well structured emails formally.

And if you are the micro-managing type of person where you want control over everything, you can use a recorder to record exactly what you want to mention in important emails and get the VA to do transcriptions.

Other than that, they can proofread your writing and correct grammar mistakes and so on.

This means no more comments from your supervisor meant to embarrass you for your awkward writing style.

If the company blog is also under your care, you now know who you can delegate the job of content creation to.

6) Data entry

One of the most mundane tasks around is data entry. Students are often hired at low hourly rates to do them.

So why are you taking on the burden yourself with data entry when you are supposed to be out there making things happen.

Leave the Excel sheets with your assistant. He will get everything done for you in no time.

Your direct supervisor will be amazed at how much you get done without breaking a sweat.

7) All round expertise with popular software


You no longer have to anticipate bad feedback for the graphics in your work. Photoshop is no longer a challenge you cannot conquer.

You no longer have to pay someone $100 just to make minor edits on videos. A flurry of video editing software is on your fingertips.

PDF files are no longer things that are set in stone. Access and using software to edit them are suddenly so convenient.

There are so many different software making their marks in office environments that it is almost impossible to be familiar with the use of all of them… That is… until you meet the jack-of-all-trades nature of a capable VA.

All your colleague will start wondering how you can be proficient in so many software.

And they will come to you for help sooner rather than later… which is a good time to share some insider gossips around the office.

Before hiring your VA

Make a mental note that your VA is an extension of you. They are supposed to help you do more in less time. At the same time, don’t expect them to move mountains as some tasks can be beyond their capabilities.

Lastly, do make an analysis of the economics of hiring a virtual assistant. These services can be costly especially if you are signing up with well-known service providers. On the other hand, signing up with a cheaper one can mean sub-standard results. At least you will find hiring them more affordable when you get that promotion you have been eyeing for.

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