The Decision To Be Rich Is Yours To Make

I know this can sound a little corny to a lot of people. But making a decision to be rich can totally flip that switch that gives you a money-making mindset.

If you read up interviews of the most successful business people in the world, almost all of them share one of 2 similar attributes.

The first is that their family is already rich and left them a ready-made legacy…

The second is that they knew way beforehand, even when they were living on bread and butter everyday, that they would succeed. This strong inner belief is what drove them to go on doing what they were doing, despite all the noisy nagging of non-believers, to eventually strike a huge hit on the big time.

In other words, they have already decided to be rich.

Our mind power

Most people go about everyday going through the motions. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But it really is insanity to keep doing the same things while expecting a different outcome.

They dream about that triple promotion, making extra cash while doing nothing, or picking up a bag of cash at the right place at the right time. They then promise to the heavens about the great things they would do should they become the lucky benefactor of a sudden windfall.

Well I got news for you. The world works the other way around. You need to add value to world to be rewarded financially.

It is partly our own fault. Because you see, each human being is blessed with a brain that have many times the computing power of all the supercomputers in the world put together. So even though we have the intelligence to solve the lifelong wealth equation, we are also constantly distracted by the miscellaneous thoughts churned up by the excess computing power locked in the brain vault.

We dream about wanting to be rich, we spend time in the subway wishing to be rich, and we joke about how much we like to be rich with our friends. None of these have anything to be with deciding to be rich. You see the difference here?

What’s worst is that government welfare programs make it such a viable and attractive choice to be dependent on the state.

Being vague and cloudy in what you want does not command your brain to focus it’s powers like a laser beam on the payoff. You need to be specific to harness that power locked between your ears. Just decide.

There is another irony hiding beneath the hood though. Most people fear the act of decision making. Some even are so fearful of making a decision that, I kid you not, they cannot decide what to have for dinner. It is as if the world would end from their decisions, and that they have to carry that title for the rest of their lives as “The man who ended the world”.

Make that decision and DECIDE to be rich.

This decision reaffirms your commitment. Your head starts to focus. And opportunities start to appear before you because you start keeping a lookout for them. It wouldn’t be ridiculous to suggest that opportunities come before you frequently, but you did not see them simply because you have not programmed yourself to identify them.

Making your decision makes you less doubtful of your actions, you become less hesitant when once-in-a-lifetime opportunities arise, and you no longer have to play tug-of-war with yourself on whether to take action. And as you might have already found out, failure is usually caused by the lack of action more than anything else.

Many people argue that big decisions take a long time to make. For example, those with gambling habits take years to finally get over it. But I strongly disagree. Decisions are made in a moment. It’s just that people take years to get ready making that decision. Knowing that the outcome would be the same, why not just save yourself years of waiting time and decide now?

The cumbersome commitment

Perhaps the biggest reason people avoid making decisions is the required commitment required to enforce it. When someone makes a decision, especially when they publicly declare it, it puts enormous social pressure on them to follow through. This means that any failure to reach milestones or any detours can be laughed at by the people around them.

You can no longer laze around the bedroom every weekend getting nothing done, you wont”t get to pat yourself on the back just because you have avoided the chop in the latest corporate restructuring exercise, and procrastination now become an enemy instead of an indulgence.

So why would you put yourself on the spot?

That is really a big wrench that society has thrown at us. But despite this, you can use it to your advantage. By utilizing social pressure as a support, you can motivate yourself even more to achieve what you want in terms of success. You become somewhat accountable to your social status. You will then have no choice but to succeed. Some people might laugh at this little mind game that you are playing with yourself. But remember, these freakish mind games are the keys to self-motivation.

Embrace change

After the deep inner game we have talked about, perhaps the biggest roadblock stopping you from deciding to be rich is the fear of change.

Change is something that everyone fears. From the world class player in a football team when there is a change in coaching staff, to the millionaire CEO of a global juggernaut that is entering a new market. It is not unusually even for the most composed and successful people to fear the impact of change.

You are not alone.

Taking a step into the unknown can be scary. You don’t need wealth to be happy. But if you intend to live a life of wealth, these are the things you have to face head-on.

Anticipate and accept that things will change when you make a big decision. It is part and parcel of life. After all, you are trying to change your life by becoming rich. Be expectant that your lifestyle might change, your social circle might expand beyond your wildest dreams, and you could face circumstances that you thought are only folklore.

Accept and embrace change. See it as a breath of fresh air from the predictability of daily routines. You won’t know whether the grass is greener on the other side until you get there.

LOOK FORWARD to change and MAKE THAT DECISION to be rich.

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