Side Income – Making Extra Money With Online Surveys

There are many ways to make money with online surveys. Depending on how many different survey sites you join, (they are free to join) and how many surveys that you do, you can make good money just by taking them. Online surveys usually take about 10 – 30 minutes to complete, and you get compensated with money or points (on survey sites) that you can use to trade in for money, gift cards or products.

Yes, what you think in your mind actually has a high value to organizations always looking for the next best way to seduce consumers into spending more.

Marketing companies pay survey companies to find the right groups of people to do their surveys.  Then the survey companies pay you to take them. The amount you get remunerated for depends on what the marketing company pays them for the service they provide.

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3 Most Popular Types of Surveys

Regular surveys

Regular surveys are conducted when companies ask consumers their opinions about certain products, or ask them to watch video advertisements for their opinions.

These surveys could be as basic as showing you a group of products, and asking you to look at them. They then ask you which products you remember, and what you remember about it, the impression you get, the feelings it arouse in you, etc. This is probably intended for the manufacturers of the products to make labels that will grab a certain target audience’s attention.

Sometimes survey companies will ask you certain ‘qualification’ questions, to be sure that you are in the specific demographic group of people that they want opinions from.

They do this because a teenager’s perspective on something will be different than a middle aged person. And a man’s opinion of a product or advertisement will differ from a woman’s. And more importantly, a company would be more interested in the opinions of youths if they are selling acne control products. This way, it more clearly paints a picture of the niche market being targetted.

The usual questions they ask are how old you are, your race, your gender, if you or a member of your household is employed in a certain line of work, or if you work for a certain company. There are boxes for ‘do not wish to answer’, but it is best to answer them as they will help you to qualify for the survey.

If you don’t qualify for that certain survey, there are usually more that you do qualify for. Some survey companies (websites) also have other smaller surveys, called ‘lifestyle’ surveys. These you don’t get paid for, but they pre-qualify you, enabling you to take many more surveys.

Surveys that involve group panels

Another type of online survey that you can make money with are group panels. Companies often ask certain people (who meet the requirements for their survey) their opinions on different things. They are expecting similar answers, because it is a ‘group’ of like-minded people, but the group will always have different ways of seeing things, and picking up on different key words or pictures, colors, etc.

Some group panel surveys may ask you to use Skype, and make a group phone call. If there are panels in your area, they will send you an invitation to meet as a group.  These surveys don’t happen very often, but when they do, they pay a good sum of money compared to regular surveys.

Product Surveys (Through the Mail)

There are also surveys where manufacturers will want consumers to try their products. They will send you a free sample and pay you to try it like a guinea pig. They allow ample time for you to use it, and then they ask you questions on how you liked it, and why. They will either include a survey sheet for you to fill in as you use the product, call you on the phone, or send you a link to complete the survey online. They will tell you ahead of time what you will get paid, and when you will receive it so that there will be no disputes later on.

These product surveys are often conducted by companies when they are trying to refine their products during the later phases of developing them. This is a huge reason why they are willing to spend more in this phase to finalize the last stages of development before bringing it to market.

But in occurrences where the market is already on the market, you won’t be able to find a label on the samples you are supposed to try. This helps to generate unbiased opinions that are not influenced by conditioning. Products you can often find in such surveys include shampoo, soap, baby diapers or toys, laundry or dish soaps, etc. You won’t find things like food or drinks, or vitamins, OTC drugs, etc.

Be Careful of Scams

Unfortunately, as with anything else these days, there are people who say that they will pay you for your time, when you take a survey for them. These so called ‘companies’ also try to make you pay to join their site. Make sure that the company is legitimate before you put the time into taking the surveys. You don’t want to waste your time to take the survey, thinking that you are going to get paid, but never do.

Different Forms of Payments

Survey companies can pay you in a different number of ways. The most common payment form is via PayPal, but some will send you a check in the mail, and some give you points that you can let build up (different surveys give you a different amount of points each time) to get your choice of cash, or other ‘prizes’, or products. Most people in this position choose cash or gift cards.

Surveys are an Excellent Way to Make Extra Money Online

When you like to voice your opinion, taking surveys online would be perfect for you. Manufacturers of the products being surveyed, or the producers of the advertisements being surveyed, will not waste money trying to get people to take their surveys, if the people don’t meet the eligibility requirements. Your opinion really matters to them if you fall under the demographic which they have identified. This is good for both them and you. The eligibility questions only take a couple of minutes to complete. If you don’t qualify for one, you don’t have to waste time, and there are more to take its place.

Some people are leery to take online surveys, because they think that survey companies will take their pre-qualifying questions to get personal information from them. This not really the case. However, in some cases, they do need your address to send you a sample of something. Or they may ask you for your telephone number, if you give them permission for them to call you, to take a ‘live’ survey over the phone.

When you’re looking for your answer on how to make money with online surveys, this is it.  It is the easiest and most dependable. While you can’t make a full-time income doing them, you CAN make decent money. It would be a perfect side job, especially when you like to make your opinions heard.

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