5 Pillars of Mobile Marketing

Mobile technology is making a big splash on the market today with the rampant invention and application of powerful and advanced mobile devices that are impacting the market and consumers from all walks of life. This has led to the rapid emergence of dynamic mobile marketing which is poised to impact every facet of online and offline marketing in this era.

Mobile Marketing Dynamics

Internet marketers and business owners are quickly embracing mobile marketing strategies to secure a bigger market share as more consumers indulge in mobile technology with sophisticated mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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However, if online business owners and marketers understand the 5 essential pillars of mobile marketing dynamics, they are likely to propagate their business ventures more quickly and effectively. These 5 mobile marketing pillars must be integrated to form a common platform on mobile devices to benefit mobile users.

A wholesome mobile marketing strategy is activated in a dynamic marketing campaign with these 5 pillars in place.

1) Unique Relevant Mobile App

Pillar 1 of a dynamic mobile marketing structure is the availability of a unique and relevant mobile app. It must have a strong branding to impact the market with basic phone features to accommodate mobile marketing effectively. More and more websites are adopting mobile technology with mobile friendly features.

Modern websites today must be mobile compatible to be a true mobile marketing platform that is effective for easy entries by mobile web users. Passivity will not propel the business to meet its goals and targets if the customer needs to remember the website for an online visit. Mobile technology promotes greater vibrancy with a proactive stance by its users, especially with a dynamic mobile app. This also builds up the personal relationship between marketer and customer.

With a good support system, the mobile app becomes effective for an easy access to the mobile friendly website to enjoy more organic traffic.

2) Attractive Appealing Offers

No consumer would decline an attractive, appealing offer, especially if the offer benefits them. Marketers need to design and implement their marketing plans that are personalized and relevant for mobile phone delivery as more consumers are heavy mobile users. They tend to have their mobile phones and mobile devices frequently on them with some on 24/7 basis.

Pillar 2 of the mobile marketing dynamics is to identify preferred niche markets for the effective and efficient promotion of unique and relevant mobile business deals to targeted audiences.

An appealing deal involves the presentation and structure of the mobile advert that should include attractive graphical images and text.  This would capture the web mobile user’s attention to read through the deal.

The deal is attractive when it beckons the web mobile user to consider the offer that would benefit the user. The senses of the web mobile user tingle with excitement in reading the potentials of the deal that is too good to be missed.

Such deals must be easily redeemable through electronic coupons.  Marketers need to research the market to identify the best type of attractive business offers that would compel the web mobile users to a quick redemption. Creative marketing approaches could be adopted to generate urgency to targeted audiences for an immediate response.

3) Event Notification

Pillar 4 of mobile marketing success involves the professional notification of business events which interest targeted niche markets. These include grand business openings, new product launches, product demonstrations, special sale days and business anniversary celebrations.

Mobile marketing which identifies the right markets for promotion should leverage of the dynamics of mobile technology where advanced mobile devices with appropriate mobile apps could boost sales and profits for the company.

Professional mobile ads that are clear and attractive should be sent out in conjunction to event notifications. Consumers enjoy receiving early event notifications to feel valued by the company and would respond favorably towards the company.

Mobile marketing should encompass a versatile platform that manipulates the interactive features of advanced mobile devices such as the smart phone or tablet to confirm web consumers’ attendance to the event.

4) Implement Dynamic Loyalty Program

As mobile technology progresses dynamically, Internet business owners and marketers could consider implementing a vibrant loyalty program that works to build a strong customer base. This would encompass loyal customers who would repeat sales for the business benefit.
With mobile users having their handphones around them frequently, mobile marketing is ideal to implement a business loyalty program where more customers could be attracted to support the business operations and bottom line.

Repeat business is instrumental in establishing the company in the market with a strong customer base that is supportive. This is possible through a dynamic loyalty program even on a mobile platform.

5) Effective Customer Referrals

Last but not least, pillar 5 refers to vibrant customer referrals, which are necessary for good business growth. All marketing endeavors serve to attract more customers to boost business growth and development, but the task is a great challenge if it falls on the shoulders of the business owner or marketer alone.

More customers to the business could be attracted through dynamic customer referrals, which could happen in several ways. The company could implement a customer referral program similar to its loyalty program that encourages its customers to promote the business brand or company to their circle of influence. Customers stand to gain benefits that include freebies and discounts.

An effective mobile customer referral program requires the company to have a dynamic marketing program that is attractive to its current customers who would be motivated to promote the brand or products willingly. Satisfied customers make the best channel for successful referral programs.

Small incentives could be awarded to customers who are diligent in the customer referral program to motivate a proactive stance that benefits the company. A successful referral program for potential customers is very powerful in growing the business as organic leads are generated readily without much effort from the marketer or business owner. This would spur the business to higher growth.

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