8 Little Tips That Can Save You Big Bucks When Dining Out

A huge amount of money we spend on food is on dining out. This is hardly surprising when we consider that when eating out, we spend at least twice the price of breakfast for lunch. And at least often twice or thrice the price of lunch for dinner.

That’s right. You are not having the lobster for lunch. Even if you are someone who have the spending power to have lobster for lunch, you probably spend even more for dinner. It probably is partly due to night time being a more conducive setting to enjoy a meal. This leads us to willingly spend more to pamper ourselves through our mouth.

If you have noticed lately that your money is disappearing from your bank account and feel obligated to put yourself through a vigorous budgeting routine, then dining out is an expense you should definitely tackle. Here are some little tips that can really slice up your dining expenses.

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1) Have a snack before going out

The stomach works in fascinating ways. It can growl for attention when your body does not need food replenishment at all. This selfish behavior of the stomach is a main cause of obesity. People are eating to subdue their stomachs instead of doing it to feed their bodies. Well it’s time you put a handle on it.

Eat something before going out for dinner. You don’t want to make yourself so full that you suffer the agony of having your favorite dish in front of you and being unable to stomach it. What you want is to avoid ordering too much as you don’t feel an empty stomach. Preferably, have a healthy snack instead of something that makes you fat. Bananas are good. Even plain water can have the desired effect.

2) Make appetizers the main course

The people who conceptualized appetizers are shrewd people. This concept alone could be the driving force for 30% of a restaurant’s daily takings. And that is being prudent.

Very often, we order appetizers with the main dish because they just look so… appetizing. But even more often, we are already full after having the appetizers as they are served is such huge servings these days. And a lot of times, the appetizers are more delicious than the main course!

Well I have a simple solution for you. Just have the appetizers. In fact have 2 if you really want to push the limit. You end up having more food while spending less for dinner. You get to eat a wider variety of food too.

3) Share

The servings of food have grown considerably like out obesity rate over the years. These days it can take an enormous effort just to avoid wasting food on your tray. You could very well eliminate your hunger just from a portion of your food. The remainder portion just makes you full. You don’t really need to get full. All you really need is to beat the hunger.

So the smart frugal eater will share with a partner. You effectively cut the cost of the meal by at least a third. That is a big chunk of burden to take off your credit card.

4) Be mindful of the drinks

Do you know that a restaurant make the biggest profits from drinks?

A can of soft drink can cost a quarter wholesale and retailed to you at $3. The margin could be even more breath taking for cocktails that are just mixtures of flavored powder and ice blends. Fancy drinks can be fun to have, but cause huge damage points to your wallet.

Have water instead. They are cheaper and much more healthier too.

5) Don’t order everything at once

The most sinful way of wasting money is by wasting food. People around the world are suffering from hunger and here we are ordering more than we can chew.

Surely you have had the experience of ordering too much and feeling a little guilty later. You can avoid this by ordering your dishes in a sequence. Only order more when you are still hungry. The magic with this method is that you will most definitely find yourself being full faster than you think.

If you feel that this method is a little extreme. Then start of by just ordering the appetizers first. You can then order the main dish depending on how hungry you still are after the appetizers.

6) Takeaway the leftovers

You can eliminate extra expenses on supper when you bring the dinner leftovers home to consume later. You can even leave it for breakfast the next day.

People often don’t pack up the leftovers due to the fear of embarrassment. You don’t have to be so self-conscious. People really don’t care whether you pack up the leftovers or not. Even if they find the behavior annoying, so what? Nobody is going to recognize you the next day. Just pack it up and go. You know you want to.

The best part is that having cheese sticks and spicy wings even when they are leftovers sure beats instant noodles for supper.

7) Skip dessert

I know dessert is a guilty pleasure that is hard to remove from a daily routine. In fact, many people find the will to gobble down their whole dinner just so they can move onto the desserts.

Remind yourself that the dessert could very well contain the same amount of calories as the appetizers and main dish combined. They make you fat. If you really must have it, consider sharing it with someone. Your sweet tooth can be satisfied without having to consume the whole dessert serving yourself.

8) Beat hunger instead of getting full

This was mentioned previously in another point. But it has to be emphasized. If you can nail down this mindset, it alone can very well change your life. I’m not kidding.

You don’t need to fill up your stomach to brim so that you feel full. You really just have to eat enough so that you don’t feel hunger anymore. When you embrace this mentality, you save money from eating less, and avoid getting fat from the excess calories. How’s that for an all-encompassing diet?

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