FOREX – Can You Only Win With Trading Foreign Exchange?

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If you think that the biggest market in the world is anything except the one of foreign currency exchange, it’s time you look it up. Because there is no equal in the world of FOREX.

It runs 24 hours, 7 days a week. 52 weeks throughout the year. Billions of dollars each day, with no real physical products or inventory costs. There is no bigger platform that can make you a millionaire overnight… provided you hit all the right buttons.

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The best part is that you can do it all while sipping on a cocktail at home watching your favorite TV show.

Why are you dabbling with real estate, equities, stocks, or investment funds when the playground to build super wealth is right there right on your internet browser.

Now, it’s even on your smart phone. You basically carry the whole market with you everywhere you go.  It’s like the casino among casinos which you have a 50/50 chance of success. Those are better odds you get in Las Vegas.

The whole world is involved from exotic Asia to the capitalist machinery in America.

Hundreds of currencies trade against each other in a game of who blinks first. And no single party has any certainty where a currency is going to end up at the end of the day. And I mean nobody.

Even the governments and monetary authorities who own their currencies cannot dictate which direction their currency will fluctuate.

Even the smartest economists, bankers and traders have had their hands burned for taking losing positions. If you consider that even professionals with billion-dollar backings from corporations can lose money in trading FOREX, it means that you could be taking them on with on a level playing field.

You see, the value of a country’s currency depends on many factors. Too many for even the best scientists to work out a dependable algorithm to accurately predict it. National surplus, export data, rumors, end even political events can jolt a market.

If you think that you can predict it, think again. Because picking a winning position is like picking a pixel on your computer screen and trying to predict what color it will be when you visit a website you have never visited before.

Yes, it is that much of a gamble. But the professionals you are up against are in the same boat. Years of tertiary education and professional practice can be worthless when they come up against your inspired gut feeling.

If you just do a search, you will find big news stories on how people lose millions of dollars in the FOREX markets all the time. In some instances, the actions of a single employee can bring mega corporations down to their knees.

The silver lining is that even after these events happen, traders continue to trade without learning from those experiences. It tells us that there is so much money to be made that even taking a big hit is worth it since the long term accumulation of wealth is the end product.

It could be you. You could be the one holding onto the lottery ticket one day and cash out with millions of dollars in your trading account. It’s more about luck than anything else. So if you are a lucky guy or your fortune teller told you it’s your time, do purchase a lottery ticket just in case.

If you are one of those who goes deep into technical analysis and truly believes it’s legitimacy in helping you predict the market, go on.

Give it a try.

Because those charts, dips and bumps are only really conversation starters when you run into someone and encounters an awkward moment. If there really is a science to technical analysis and trends can be predicted this way, software will be able to take care of the rest.

Oh right. You did see a software claiming to have figured it out.

Go give that a try too.

You will eventually realize that these software are just like a lottery predictor. The great thing about it’s accuracy is that it predicts a 50/50 success rate. A much higher probability than an actual powerball predictor.

The magic of trading in the foreign exchange is that you can take on many positions at any point in time. You can leverage small bets on huge payoffs with puts, call, and other options. And that mortgage broker just told you that real estate is the best investment as it allows you to put no money down. Obviously he was lying through his teeth. Because here is FOREX.

No funds to start trading? Get on those margin accounts.

You can pay off when you collect your winnings. Make any trade you want and there will surely be someone who will take it up on the other end. We are talking about a truly global and digital marketplace here. There will be no shortage of takers. There will surely be one party who will be the victim of your winning trades.

Wait. You might have the problem because you don’t have free time to monitor the dynamic markets?

Don’t worry about that.

You can purchase software that will trade for you on auto-pilot. Just key in your logic and leave it to churn out cash into your account balances. After which, you can go watch the game and be a step closer to that million dollar dream.

The great thing about software is that they cannot be wrong. It’s just a matter of how much time you are able to leave it running and placing your bets.

So what are you waiting for? Go ruin your life and trade FOREX as much as possible. Buy desktop and mobile software to help you. They might even help you trade volatile shares as a sideline. You will be making money while you sleep. What’s the worst that could happen? Foreclosure? Surely not.

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