Fiverr Gigs That Allow You To Make A Full Time Living Online


Fiverr is one of the big success stories of the last decade. If you haven’t heard about them, you must be working in an industry that requires as little soft skills as possible.

It has long been agreed that the internet present a major opportunity for both digital and physical businesses. The beauty of it is that digital products and services can be fully delivered over the internet.

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While the eBays, Amazons, Alibabas were busy moving the old-fashioned hypermarket online, the founders of Fiverr identified this gap in the market for digital services.

Fiverr is now a big player in the online marketplace. The power it wields is not just that it has huge traffic. The real leverage it has is that it’s traffic are made up of buyers.

It is so much easier to sell a product or service when the crowd is made up of ready buyers. You don’t need to create a desire or make prospects want your service. They are already in a buying mood!

A few years ago, pragmatic industry players would have predicted that Fiverr will plateau. But it has only grown larger more quickly.

This exponential growth of Fiverr has made it possible for many people all over the world to make a full time income just from offering their services on the website. Many of them had never even thought of the possibility of replacing their jobs with their online services offered on Fiverr.

It has happened for so many people. It is REAL. And here are the high demand gigs (in no particular order) that can allow you to do the same even if you don’t have any god-given talent.

1) Ebook covers

You wouldn’t believe how big the demand is for a nice looking book cover until you see the numbers here. Never in my wildest dream did I even thought this service can sustain a full time income.

But just look at this. I almost choked myself with my coffee when I saw these numbers.

The figures in brackets beside the 5 yellow dots are the amount of buyers who left a feedback after the seller has delivered the gig.


If you are a Fiverr seller, you will know that about 50%-60% of buyers don’t leave reviews after purchasing. Maybe they want to keep a low profile, maybe they are not completely happy with the delivery, maybe they simply forgot.

This mean that the numbers above which are counted when buyers leave ratings, do not serve as a genuine representation of the number of sales made. The real numbers could very possibly be double.

What might blow your mind is that you can offer this gig as well by selling template designs with a little customization.

2) Video editing

Video editing is a high valued service. So you can imagine the gleam in the eyes of buyers when they find that they can get their videos professionally edited from just $5.


The big money is made on the upsells and extras.

Yes even though Fiverr market’s itself as a place to buy $5 services. Sellers can sell add-ons (extras) to jack up the price. If you do a good job, buyers won’t hesitate to pay for video editing services.

3) Writing services

If there is 1 thing that webmasters and web designers need, it is content.

You see, designers and programmers are great at what they do… which is to build websites with codes and create designs that appeal to visitors. But many of them are not very good with writing content.

Don’t get the wrong idea. Many have the ability to write well. But after spending hours on coding and designing, they are just too spent to crank their minds to write articles.

This your opportunity. As you can see below.

writing services online

And endless amount of content is published online on a daily basis… making writing a service with a huge demand.

The common types of content writing in demand:

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Company profiles
  • Product reviews and descriptions
  • Scripts
  • Transcription
  • and much more…

You don’t even have to write with the slickness of veteran journalists. Most buyers are already more than satisfied if your writing has a native English flow with no grammatical errors.

People understand that world class writing comes with world class charges and fees. So they will not have very high expectations placed on budget writing services.

4) Logo design

If you start a business and go to a designer to design a logo, you are going to be quoted between $100 to $500. Even a freelancer might attempt to bite your hand off.

On Fiverr, you can get them for… $5 of course!

Just see the breathtaking demand below for logo design services


The fact that design houses charging in the area of $500 per logo have not closed down, there must be a huge market for this service… especially when designers are already killing it on Fiverr with the exact same service.

5) Business card design

Another novelty that new startup businesses will have to buy are business cards. They simple cannot conduct business professionally without an aesthetically pleasing name card.

Which could explain the huge number of purchases for this service…


Just like ebook covers, business card designs can be easily created with templates and easy-to-use software.

Because business cards is such an evergreen product, software design firms have long created software for designers to quickly churn out beautiful cards with little effort.

While regular businesses find no reason to buy these design software, you can exploit the market gap by utilizing them to create designs to sell on digital marketplaces. Focus on selling in volume.

You can double up your sales by offering a logo design service to compliment this one.

6) Video Presentations

If you don’t yet realize that video is making a huge impact in the world of online marketing, where have you been in the last 3 years.

Countless researches and case studies have shown that video content and motion pictures are more engaging to visitors. And viewers are more likely to take action, or convert, when video is used.

These videos don’t need to be world-class animation or in the same quality as Hollywood flicks. They can very well be just a person presenting whatever content on video.

This has led to an explosive demand for video presenters in the last few years. And this can be an opportunity for you.

Don’t believe me? Just take a look at these insane numbers.

video presenter service providers
Many buyers will willingly pay you a lot of money just to do a simple video speech as they are not comfortable on camera.

If you have a low budget, you can simply start with offering a service and use your smart phone to do the recordings. As your orders grow, you will quickly learn that investing in a home video studio is well worth the money.

You will be able to charge more, and your customers will still feel they received good value for money.

More services with ridiculously high demand:

  • Voiceovers
  • Link building
  • Social signals
  • Video creation and animation
  • Video testimonials
  • Search engine optimization
  • Web design
  • Website troubleshooting
  • Copywriting

How to get more exposure on Fiverr

You must be thinking that things cannot be so easy… and you are right.

Even though Fiverr has an endless amount of buyers seeking for things to buy, you must be seen for them to consider buying your gigs. You can’t expect a home based business to flourish just by sitting there.

These are the things you can do:

  • Complete your profile including your picture and text blurb
  • Write gig headlines that include keywords describing your service
  • Write descriptions detailing how you will do
  • Choose the right specific category for your service
  • Use an attention seeking picture for the gig
  • Include a video explaining your gig and ask viewers to purchase
  • Use tags by researching what tags competing gigs are using
  • Deliver your gig as soon as possible
  • Share your gig on your social media accounts
  • Blog about your gig on your personal blogs
  • Ask buyers to leave positive feedback
  • Reply to private messages as soon as you can

It might take some time for your gig to gain more exposure. Sometimes it can be quite fast too. There’s no telling how the ranking system works on Fiverr.

But I can guarantee you this.

When you start getting more exposure, order will start coming in. And when you continue to deliver quality service, you will get even more exposure. Pretty soon you might wonder whether you should hang on to your day job at all.

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