9 Steps To Spend More Money And Go Out In A Blaze Of Glory


Enough with the doom and gloom of frugal living…

Why earn and save all that money if you are not going to reap the rewards of laboring through all these years. Anyone could be hit by a truck tomorrow. Then you have to spend all your money on healthcare and treatment.

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Can you imagine that? All the savings accumulated in your adult life used for healthcare after you met with an accident?

Forget about leaving your fortune to your children. They can take care of themselves. Why pamper them with an easy life when you have worked your socks off to get into the comfortable financial standing you have today? They might blow up everything anyway.

If you have not gotten the hint, this article is about spending your money. All of it if you have to.

You should not have to feel an ounce of guilt at enjoying the pleasures of life you deserve after slogging away at the office for all those long hours.

The past is gone, the future is not here yet, and the present is now.

Are you ready to spend your way into oblivion? Here’s how.

1) Buy everything with financing or credit

That beautiful sofa set you saw at the furniture shop is not expensive. It is certainly cheap for the amount of support it gives your back and pelvis. And it is certainly not expensive when it only cost $50 a month on an installment plan.

The same can be said with that $5,000 massage chair which gives you a massage no different than a professional masseur.

Take advantage of technology by easily buying everything with credit.

Swipe that card. Take advantage of technology by easily buying everything with credit.

Get a car loan, request for a higher credit limit, refinance your mortgage with a home equity loan. Anything that can be paid with credit, do it.

Why do retailers display luxury items in their window when the average person cannot afford it with cash?

Because they expect you to pay with credit! Don’t let them down. They might need a bailout if sales tank.

2) Make minimum payments

Credit card statements show the due date and minimum payment for good reason. Lenders do this so that you can enjoy life and stretch your dollar for as much as possible, as long as possible.

Why else would they remind you of the rules you are playing within?

Don’t get the wrong impression. You are still meeting your debt obligations. Just that you will now start making payments just enough to keep the harassment calls and debt collectors off your back.

You know what the more mind-boggling thing is?

The more your lender thinks that you are unable to settle your bills, the more likely they are to offer you a discounted settlement. Talk about earning your dues!

3) Only buy things you need… and all those you want

If I get penny for every time I hear someone say “only spend on what you need”, a penny would now be worth more than an ounce of gold. Because I’m holding on to so much of pennies that there is a global shortage.

A simple phone that calls and receives is no longer enough in the digital world of 4G. You need smart phones. And you need an iPhone in particular. You really pay for what you get.

Just take a look at the model in classic black and try telling yourself that it is not something you want. Can’t bring yourself to do that right?

Well the only thing keeping you from having your “precious” in your hands is your old-fashioned way of looking at money. You can dust off the cobwebs on your wallet and start making real use of your cash.

If you don’t have that cash with you, you can take a loan from a friend, swipe your platinum credit card, or pay by installments. You see, you can actually get it even when you think you can’t. That’s the miracle of the modern world.

The more important thing is that you have removed that disturbing greed in your mind and you are now closer to being at peace with yourself. Psychological health is underrated these days. To get closer to self-enlightenment, you need to buy more of the stuff you want.

4) Travel frequently

The planet is so beautiful with all the artifacts of nature and historical civilizations. And different cultures can be so interesting and amusing at the same time.

Can you really tell yourself with a straight face that you won’t regret not seeing enough of the world?

In a weird way, we are just tiny organisms in the universe. You will be able to see it from a big picture perspective when you get a view from the 86th storey at the Empire States Building. It would be a travesty not to allow yourself the right to see the world. You are a part of it after all.

Can you live with yourself to have never seen the Eiffel Tower up close?

Can you live with yourself to have never seen the Eiffel Tower up close?

So take a trip down to the travel agency and make plans to travel frequently. Make your purchases for the year so that you commit yourself to traveling.

Don’t be a travel cheapskate. Go see the world and forget about your budget constraints. You can reach into your fixed deposits when money runs out. Your money is supposed to work for you, not the other way around.

You get to see new things, and boast about it in social gatherings. Announce your destinations by sharing your wicked selfies. And the best part is that you can charge those bragging rights onto your credit cards.

5) Buy a house… and make it a big one

Why squeeze yourself into a box when the monthly installment of a much bigger house is affordable?

The good thing with real estate is that they tend to appreciate in value in the long term. So as long as you are diligently meeting the monthly mortgage obligations, no one can make any legal case against you. The foreclosure men in black is not going to show up at your doorstep.

You are… after all… a great home buyer. At least that’s what the mortgage broker told you together with the realtor.

Save on swimming entry fee by buying a big luxurious house.

Save on swimming entry fees by buying a big luxurious house.

And you don’t have to think about the total you have to pay on a 25 year mortgage. Because by the fifth year, your house will appreciate in value and allow you to cash out with a home equity loan. You then use the funds generated to continue paying off your mortgage.

The government is taking the lead by paying for the national debt with more debt. Use that as a funky guideline.

6) Buy the car you want

While a big house can realistically be justified with reason. A sports car or SUV is deem excessive by many. But just like a house, once you buy a car, you are stuck with it for a number of years. Are you really going to let your family and friends make fun of your style for so many years?

The car you drive is a reflection of your personality. That is a fact no matter how hard the pragmatists try to deny. A sports car can get you to a destination faster, an MPV can better help you look out for traffic in an elevated position, and a super car can get you privileged parking at the club.

You see, it does make logical sense to go for the one you really want.

A huge number of us can actually afford our dream cars. But the demands of living expenses make us voluntarily deny ourselves the pleasure of going ahead with it. You can actually plan forward by taking into account your sports car too you know.

7) Make retail therapy a requirement for healthy living

Make it a point to go shopping at least once or twice a week. Bring that positive energy into your life and into your home. The magic of retail therapy is that it is contagious and your whole family goes gaga from the gifts you bring back.

Even your mother-in-law might be smiling from ear-to-ear when ever you get back from work.

Money is no use sitting in the bank. Might as well allow it to do some good and spend it on a happy family.

8) Stop waiting for coupons and sales events

I’m sure you have had that itchy experience of needing to buy something but prefer to wait it out for the post-season sales.

Well guess what? By the post season, you don’t need them anymore because the season is over. Does that make sense?

Stop waiting for coupons and discounts just to save that extra 5%. Liberate yourself from these marketing gimmicks creative professionals use to control our behavior. You will feel empowered when you realize you don’t actually have to kowtow to the corporations.

You are the consumer. And you are king.

9) Eat in fancy restaurants

Having a burger and fries for lunch is all nice and dandy. But when I want a steak and wine instead, I don’t see why I should deprive myself of the pleasures in life. And of course to really enjoy the meal, it has to be in a cozy restaurant with warm lighting and jazz music in the background.

Can you say with a straight face that this is not what you want?

Can you say with a straight face that this is not what you want?

Eat what you want, where you want. The savings you have accumulated is supposed to make life better. It is not supposed to compromise your lifestyle. Wealth is supposed to be earned. I’ve never heard about anyone saving their way to wealth. It is always earned.

If you are not going to get there, you are not going to get there. That does not mean that you should deprive yourself from the food that makes your mouth pop.

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