6 Most Common Impulse Purchases People Make

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For some weird reason, buying things on impulse can appear cute to certain people. And social media has become the ultimate platform for people to share their cuteness with family and friends.

But don’t kid yourself.

Impulse purchases make up thousands of dollars each year for the average working adult. It can be disturbing to think that those moments of weakness and giving in to your urge to buy things you do not need can cost you a trip to the Maldives annually.

In extreme cases, it could even be enough to cover your mortgage! That means you can buy a second house with that money!

The problem is compounded when you consider that the average individual who is just shopping in the mall is coming up against billion-dollar retailers who have perfected the art of merchandising. Unless you have a strong sense of control, the winner is often Goliath.

Your emotional control, no matter how feeble it already is, will desert you as usual.

Well, I admit that I am a practitioner of impulse buying behavior as well. And here are the most common things people spend on impulse purchases.

1) Clothing and apparel

That passion-red dress hugging the flawless mannequin can look so attractive. But what makes it even more attractive is the 50% discount tag attached to it. You have no occasion in mind for that plunging neckline. But sure that the occasion will come soon enough.

Imagine hot hot Scarlett Johansson would look walking down the red carpet in that dress. Now you have the one opportunity to look the same sexy way… at half price!

Surely any sane woman who takes pride in her beauty will buy it without missing a heartbeat. Let alone a real looker like you.

It’s time to act on the most defining moment of the year and never look back with regret.

At the same time, this is your chance to get one over the retailer by buying their merchandise at half price. This is your counter-attack – by activating the discount sale.

Time to take revenge on the retailer by buying on huge discounts.

Time to take revenge on the retailer by buying on huge discounts.

2) Software and apps

You have been watching your friends fight over their consoles for years. And now it is finally on sale because the new upgraded version will be released soon. It is now or never. If you do not buy now, they might sold out and none of these discount sets will be manufactured anymore. Hopefully, it will be compatible with the new games in the making.

Software and apps are items that are so easy to purchase on impulse. Because they can be bought, delivered, and consumed digitally. You can do them on a mobile phone, tablet or a computer. On top of that, you can use it almost immediately. Since your credit card information is on file, it does not get easier to complete that transaction. Did I mention that the best and most popular paid apps around are often no more than $5?

Your smart phone looks better with more apps on it as well. Especially those with cool icons for the home screen.

A screen full of apps look that much more delightful.

A screen full of apps look that much more delightful.

3) Dining out and fast food

When you are hungry, you are hungry. You have to eat. And while you are walking along the mall window shopping for restaurants, you are most vulnerable to deals and set meals that appear good value. You would only like a pasta. But why hold back when you can have the soup and drink as well for an extra $10?

Fast food chains are the establishments that totally kill it on impulse buys. Their menus are straight forward and meals cleverly priced. You would almost feel like a fool for not ordering a meal.

Why have a normal meal when I can be special?!

Why have a normal meal when I can be special?!

4) Shoes and footwear

There is just something about shoes that many people cannot get enough of. It just doesn’t seem enough to have 1 pair of working shoes. What happens when it rains and you have to work the next day? It also never seems to have only 1 pair of running shoes. You do need to look good while you are in your worst condition sweating all over the place.

Now that I got my shoes, I need my child to have the best as well.

Now that I got my shoes, I need my child to have the best as well.

5) Books and magazines

The digital marketplace has changed the world. Books used to be bulky inconvenient items that make one look nerdy. Now you can download a soft copy into your trendy iPad and look cool. You do need that extra distraction when you are in the subway in transit.

Simply need to be informed on latest gossips?

Simply need to be informed on latest gossips?

6) Cosmetics and skin care

The best investment you can make is in yourself. And nothing is a better representation of yourself than your appearance. Nobody is going to care who you are in the inside if your appearance does not do enough to arouse that interest.

You need to look good to feel good. How are you going to love the people around you when you don’t’ love yourself? Stock up those expensive cosmetics when they are on sale. And if you visit a place like Korea, you definitely need to build your own bunker of skincare products.

4 colors are simply not enough for 7 days a week.

4 colors are simply not enough for 7 days a week.

There’s nothing wrong with splurging on yourself every once in a while. The people around us make it sound like it is sinful to do so. Just remember not to overdo it.

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